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Yummy sushi

Best bang for your buck if you're looking for moderately priced yet high quality sushi in the area. They have a nice variety of house rolls (in addition to the standards) that come beautifully presented and the sushi is melt in your mouth delicious.

Dec 3, 2014 n-lagos urbanspoon

Wow! Wow! Wow!

We have eaten here twice during trips to Ottawa and it is incredible. Service has always been great and the Sushi has always been incredibly fresh and delicious. We look forward to going back here on every visit to Ottawa! They also have an incredible selection of Sake, from Normal to high end. Such a treat.

Nov 5, 2014 GommorahFarms tripadvisor

Excellent Sushi

I'm visiting from BC, have had some great sushi experiences ... This restaurant is right up there with fantastic sushi ! Everything we ordered was excellent . The atmosphere is comfortable and elegant , servers were polite and kind... The only thing that they could improve on, is getting food out quicker, to the tables... We went for lunch and didn't have a whole lot of time , if I were to go for dinner and was in no rush , I wouldn't mind so much waiting because the sushi is well worth the wait ! If you love sushi , this place is a must !!

Oct 24, 2014 sweetwaterGibsons tripadvisor

Excellent sushi

Great food and atmosphere . The only small complaint I have is that it took a long time to get our food.

Oct 15, 2014 Usantos tripadvisor

Expensive for the quality

I'm a sushi addict and I know what sushi is the best so far. This one isn't it. I didn't really enjoy it. I took a take out dinner and it costs $30 for two small plates. I was really disappointed.

Oct 14, 2014 Nora A tripadvisor

good sushi

food was good, nice atmosphere on the patio. service was hit/miss. There were grumblings from the table beside us about how long it took for the food to come but our service was pretty quick.

Oct 2014 unknown tripadvisor

Excellent food. The don buri is especially good. Prices are also reasonable. Its my family's favourite place to eat. Though service is typically quite slow.

Sep 2014 Andrew Sokolowski Google Maps

Beautiful sashimi presentation, Good choice

Good experience in Little Italy for Sushi. I enjoyed the fish, the rolls were solid. I've eaten tons of italian in Ottawa but this was my first sushi, I'll definitely go back.

Sep 2014 JayMcMullan tripadvisor

I've been craving Asian food but there aren't a lot of Asian people or cuisine in Ottawa. When I saw this place, I got very excited and walked in without thinking about anything! Well, the place had very pretty and colorful Asian-style decors. Also, the seats are very comfortable! Those cushions!! I could sit there all day!

I went around 1/1:30pm, so it was right after lunch time rush. Because there weren't many customers, the waitress was extra attentive and friendly. I was very thirsty and downed the glass of water very quickly, and she would come frequently to refill my glass!

Based on the environment and service, I would give this place at least a 4 star. However, the food I got was bad. Maybe I should've gotten sushi or asked for the waitress's recommendations on the customers' favorites

I got the duck spring rolls and Korean-style wings. The spring roll had too much meat and not enough veggies! Since it was a spring roll I was expecting it to be more veggie based. The lack of veggies made it rather heavy! The Korean wings were very fat and hairy. I think the sauce is pretty good and spicy, but I can't do fatty wings

Aug 31, 2014 Fiona L. Yelp

Service Debate

I went to Kiko Sushi Bar last night with a friend. Before ordering, we asked the server to let the kitchen know that their service is notoriously slow but that we would order if the service improved. The message clearly got through. The service was top-notch last night! Maybe a few more patrons should do the same.

Aug 20, 2014 Aretha urbanspoon

Good sushi, inconsistent service

The most surprising part is that there were 3 chefs working and only a single table of 2 diners in the entire restaurant (who were finishing their meal). Communication between the wait staff and chefs is lacking, it's also difficult to determine who's in charge at any given time. The situation could have been helped if I'd been offered a tea or beer while waiting but I was not...only a now standard apology. I'll be passing comments onto the owner, this is simply not good enough at this price point ($50-60 for take out dinner for 2).

I've eaten at this restaurant dozens of times since it opened 4 or 5 years ago. The quality of the sushi is excellent- one of the best options in Ottawa. In particular the freestyle rolls and miso soup. Recently I've ordered take-out on several occasions and unfortunately the last two times were fails. On BOTH occasions they told me the order would take about 25 minutes, and when arriving at the restaurant was told me order was "almost ready" only to find out it hadn't been started yet. The second occasion was yesterday, it took another 20 minutes to make my order.

June, 2014 mattc74 tripadvisor

Fabulous, suberb quality

Recently shared a feast of sushi, sashimi and unique rolls with my dad to celebrate his 81st birthday. The service was wonderful with the hostess/waitress helping us with our order and adding a new taste (creamy scallop) to the plate for us to try. The craftmanship of the roll she suggested was divine and all the sashimi was cut to perfection. The freshness was unbelievable. The evening ended with complimentary bananas and coconut ice cream for dad for his birthday. This was a fantastic, relaxed, quality experience. Highly recommend. (Note: if you are looking for fast sushi please go elsewhere. The chef was meticulous and it was worth every minute of the wait).

June 2014 LimeCordialCMP tripadvisor

Sushi is Fabulous!

We love the Sushi here. The spicy salmon cones are amazing! The atmosphere is lovely, the service is good, but the price is a little high compared to other sushi restaurants across the country.

May, 2014 NSTravel101 tripadvisor

Bad Service

What more can I say? They took forever to bring our food, ignored us then brought the wrong dishes. Food was, ok

May 24, 2014 Chris urbanspoon

Service was very prompt, maybe a little too prompt, but there were very few customers. The food was good and a bit different from the typical sushi offerings you get in Ottawa. I would come back.

May 16, 2014 Picky Shrew urbanspoon

Don't go here. Service is terrible especially when they make you wait 45 min and have no idea how long your food will be. Left without eating. Doesn't take an hour and terrible service to make 5 regular rolls

Apr 25, 2014 Arpon Shahed urbanspoon

“Great Sushi in Ottawa”

We visited here with some locals who talked it up before going and we were not disappointed. The food was fresh & incredibly tasty and the service was equally as great. We ordered a platter for 4 and had so much food we couldnt even fit desert all for $25 per person.

If you are looking for a great Sushi meal in Ottawa, you cannot go wrong here.

Apr 22, 2014 sbish1 tripadvisor

“One of the Best Sushi's in Ottawa”

I would say the decor is great, clean and elegant while still inviting. Bright and airy but cosy.

The service was inconsistent, great then slow and then perfect. But in fairness they switched staff and the lady that took over was more experienced and it showed.

But the real reason we come is for the food. The quality is great and the dishes are original and creative. The only one we had mixed opinions on was the Octopus roll, we were not keen on the roll but the BBQ octopus tentacles were superb.

We all preferred the tuna sushi to the tuna rolls but a variety is always nice and the fatty tuna melted in your mouth, just perfect.

While I have to say we love coming here we dont come often as it is rather expensive, but I would recommend a visit (or 3). We make this our special treat place and come for special occasions.

Mar 23, 2014 Peter_Bomberg tripadvisor

“Good Food”

I like this place. I went two weeks ago on a Saturday night and again this evening. The food is creatively plated and delicious. Try the yam rolls for something different. The service was attentive and the music contemporary. I will definitely be back.

Nov 26, 2013 Aretha urbanspoon

Being from the New England area, I have tasted some fine sushi in my life. I wasn't quite expecting the same when I moved to Ottawa but was pleasantly surprised with the quality of food these guys served.

Things I got:

  • Negitoro roll
  • Mango Tango roll
  • Dragon roll
  • Sake roll

Nov 2013 A Google User Google Maps

Excellent food. The don buri is especially good. Prices are also reasonable. Its my family's favourite place to eat.

Nov 2013 Andrew Sokolowski Google Maps

“Pretty decor!”

Very modern inside. Prices are decent. Food is presented nicely. The vegetarian roles were very nicely presented. I would recommend it.

Aug 30, 2013 Ann H urbanspoon

Sushi is fresh and tasty, but portion sizes are small for the price. So far this place has been the best sushi we can find in Ottawa; however this doesn't mean much since we've only tried two other places and they were buffets. We'll probably look around for another place to see if there is something better.

Aug 22, 2013 Lynnie_83 tripadvisor

Love this place

A friend recommended this place and at first I didn't want to stray from my usual sushi places but am I ever glad I did. The sushi is very fresh and quality and attention to detail is top notch. I frequent this place at least once a month now. Highly recommend it

Aug 19, 2013 GN urbanspoon

Very good experience

We stopped today for a early dinner and it was a very nice discovery. Food and service was excellent. The quality of the sushi was very good. We will be back for sure.

Aug 18, 2013 yvan urbanspoon

Had a really excellent experience + meal here last evening. Started with Tai sashimi + Wakame salad then (photo doesn't do it justice) Sakura Spider…soft shelled crab and avocado wrapped with tuna and topped with seaweed salad and tobiko. So very tasty.

Sat on the patio and as the sun sets and lights come on along Preston Street, wowee, it's lovely. The staff were capital S Superb - timing of dishes, water filling, arranging our many plates expertly and clearing things efficiently.

Definitely going back.

Side note: I am a fan and live close to Kochu on Elgin Street. Looking for a bit of walk as my companion is visiting from the UK, I went on OF to read reviews and help me choose. Most has been absorbed though reading the site over the years but still: a huge help. And, yes, Kochu is now on Preston Street too (nice!) but they don't yet have a patio and we wanted one.

Aug 7, 2013 AMR Ottawa Foodies

Good quality

Ate here over lunch time a couple times. Food is good, however, service is very slow. It shouldn't take over 30 mins to deliver food. I had to ask about the status of my order as we hadn't seen anything in over 30 mins. Quality of food is good just make sure you have time to eat!

Aug 7, 2013 H112 urbanspoon

Love it

We love this sushi place and have been regulars since discovering it two or three years ago. Atmosphere is cool & inviting & service is friendly & efficient. On occasion timing has been a bit off, but that's been minor. Food has always been excellent. Light & fresh shrimp tempura appetizer, nice take on beef tataki also. Our favorite rolls - too many to mention but the green river, philian special, mango paradise stand out. The spicy tuna & salmon are simple but delicious. I've criticized other sushi restos for having a lot of rolls taste the same - too much reliance on sauce or the same spices -- leaving you to wonder which roll is which due to the overwhelming uniformity. Here that doesn't happen - flavours are distinct - whether subtle or strong. Love this place & look forward to being regulars for a long time to come

July 23, 2013 ice_rider trip advisor

Preston Street was mired in roadwork for what seemed like forever, but I sat in the sun on the results of the construction the other day, and from my perch in the sun, it all seemed pretty solidly worthwhile.

This was my first time on a Preston patio since the sidewalks were built. Set back a ways from the road, wide enough to allow patios and umbrellas, a fence festooned with flowers, and space still for walking and people watching, I was on the four-year-old Kiko Sushi Bar‘s terrace, on one of those rare days of sunshine in mid-June, in the mood for a quick, light lunch.

If you want something a bit obscure — ohitashi or umi or mirugai — you’ll have to order a la carte, and Kiko can deliver (in past experience, it delivers with some style) but if it’s an in and out lunch you need, the menu for that is pretty straightforward.

I opted for the vegetarian bento box. It began with miso soup and as miso soups go this was a successful version, tasting of a homemade dashi broth. And then came the lacquered box, its compartments filled in with salted edamame, asparagus uramake (inside out) rolls, delightfully delicate squares of marinated and spiced tofu, a pile of rice, and veggie tempura. In their lightweight tempura jackets, came slices of eggplant, sweet potato and zucchini: crunchy treats, all, perfect for watching the Preston Street parade go by.

June 24, 2013 Anne DesBrisay Ottawa Magazine - Weekly Lunch Pick

I've checked google reviews to pick best place to have sushi in ottawa, this place seemed to have best ratio. I went there and ordered a sushi roll. The food is OK, its not great, its average what you'd get in a mall type sushi. What stroke me the most are the prices. To have a decent meal there with a drink is about 35$. All their rolls are very small and thin yet they charge for the full roll ~ 8-10$. So you have to get 2 of them, while in Toronto I always pay ~10 for entire meal. I mean this is a rip off. I went there second time and got a bento box, again it was average, rice seemed to be abit dry and and again bill was like 25$ for just a dish w/o a drink even. I understand, if the food was outstanding like they have thouse huge rolls in japan, but this food can be compared side by side with prepackaged fake sushi you can buy in METRO or any mall. Staff is friendly, but for double of price for the food why wouldnt it be. Not going there again.

June, 2013 Brian Garson Google Maps

I have gone to Kiko on at least a half dozen occasions in the last two years. Usually I was satisfied with the experience. But my latest visit was very disappointing.

While the interior is charming, the food quality and presentation could be better, and the service has been spotty. During my last visit, we waited at least 45 minutes before the maki we ordered came out, despite the fact the restaurant was almost empty over the dinner hour. Maybe this is because, as their website states, they're hiring another sushi chef, and hopefully the situation will resolve itself when they find one.

At the end of the day I guess I can say that Kiko's product reminds me more and more of an all you can eat sushi place minus the value...and yes I am a snob about my sushi! \(*_*)/

June, 2013 Lynn Lau Google Maps

Great, fresh sushi. They have high quality rolls in a nice atmosphere. I am regular and have never had a bad roll. One of the best sushi spots in Ottawa.

May 20, 2013 Miz J Yelp

Gochiso-sama deshita! Kiko Sushi Bar kicking it up a notch in Ottawa

Ottawa is a city located in a river valley, surrounded by farmland, forest, and lakes at the southern edge of the Canadian Shield (leftover plates of rock where the glaciers ground down mountains). We like our fries and poutine, our corn is pretty awesome when it’s in season and there’s stiff competition between the pho restaurants in Chinatown. Ottawa isn’t yet a city where the demand for fresh authentic sashimi and sushi is very great, which makes it hard when a you’re a giant food snob jonesing for some Japanese cooking…

I spent over two years in Japan teaching English, as one does, and eating a lot. The Japanese penchant for extremely fresh, high-quality and delicious foodstuffs has probably spoiled me in many ways now that I find myself back in the land of trout (mmm I heart trout) and poutine. I totally wish I had a photo or two of some of the Japanese food I ate to insert into this paragraph but all my photos are stuck on my laptop which has been as a paperweight for several months as the power cable broke, and fixing it hasn’t been high on our priority list. This is sadness.

Anyhoo, I ate a lot. Most foreigners end up losing weight while living in Japan but I gained lots of weight. Some of it was probably emotional (being a chubby stranger in a strangely slim land), some of it was all the socializing and drinking that’s a big part of Japanese society, and some of it was just that I am a bit of a piggy and want to try all the foodstuffs. “Ooh, what’s this? Does it taste as cute as it looks? Yes! Yes it does!! WIN”

Back in my river-bound hometown, I have realized that sushi here means less super-fresh fish with perfectly seasoned rice and more battered and fried shrimp with lots of mayo and sauces. But hey, no judgement, the Japanese also have an inexplicable love of the mayonnaise and the fried foods. It’s just that there’s not much else to ‘Japanese’ cuisine in Ottawa.

Except for Kiko Sushi Bar. I haven’t tried ALL the Japanese restaurants in Ottawa (yet) but Kiko is my secret Japanese lover…and Masterchef is right there with me. Pricier than the all-you-can-eat sushi restaurants, the quality and balance of the ingredients is like a little ‘hey there’ wave to the Japan that I remember…

May 18, 2013 Chunky Munky

Great place. Fantastic fish, including wild pacific salmon sashimi the night I was there. Very high quality. Lots of types of rolls, but perhaps too many with spice or cream cheese and not enough savory. I'll be back again and again for sure.

May 5, 2013 Eric S Yelp

“Good Sushi but Poor Service”

My wife and I have made two visits to Kiko in the last couple of months. In both cases the food was good, though a visitor from Vancouver would be shocked at the prices charged for the portions provided. For Ottawa it's still a bit above the normal price for sushi. I don't know what changed between our two visits but on the second occasion the service seemed to have really deteriorated. The young girls (students?) are very friendly and pleasant people but seem totally inexperienced for a restaurant in this price range. Our waitress took our food order without writing any of it down and we ended up with a dish we didn't order. We were served tempura (which we did order) first, but then waited 45m for the rest of our order. No idea why as I counted 3 sushi chefs behind the bar. Sometime in that long delay we ordered a second round of drinks which was forgotten about until we reminded a (different) waitress about it. Perhaps it was an off night as our earlier visit had none of the same service issues but I sure hope they get the staff up to speed before we go back (if we do)!

Apr 10, 2013 ASClarkca trip advisor

Resto avec belle déco! Chaises et banquettes confortable! Sushi dumping rouleaux frit excellent!!!:-)) Pour ce qui est du vin le prix est légèrement élevé :-(

Apr 30, 2013 Dany S Yelp

“Fantastic sushi spot!”

So glad Ottawa has this place :) I went around when they first opened and it was pretty quiet. Went back with friends recently and the place was a lot busier! Glad that they are doing well! Lovely decor & very clean! Great service & amazing food :)

Ordered the Chirashi and was surprised to have received so much food +Uni!

Can't wait to go back :)

*tip: they offer free underground parking (validate your ticket / ask your waiter)

Apr 5, 2013 SiamesePrincess trip advisor

“The Good and the Bad”

The food is wonderful. Tempura, Sushi, Teriyaki, Yakitori, Goma-ae. And quite reasonably priced.

Depending on what chef makes the Maki, it can look totally different. There is a slight chemical taste to the miso soup. I have now been there 3 times and 3 people have commented on this. The wine is really, really expensive (8 or 9 dollars for 5 oz!) and not that good (e.g., Yellow Tail). I wish the owner would offer 1/2 litres or revamp the small wine service here. Other than the consistency of preparation, expensive wine, chemical taste in the soup ohhh- and the loud new age music (we have had to almost yell), I like this place. I just hope the owner/manager reads comments and rectifes these small concerns.

April 5, 2013 RLD trip advisor

“Delish, Good Quality and Good Service!”

Went here for an early dinner with husband.

The place is decorated really nicely and based on the look and the bar i think it would get busy later in the evenings.

Food is yummy and fresh - tempura was crispy and not greasy. Thin layer of rice on the rolls with a good amount of filling.

Service was excellent - waitress came to top up water regularly, ask how we were doing etc.

For a $70 meal - I wouldn't expect any less. I would recommend this place if you are looking for a date night or a nice night out with friends.

Mar 16, 2013 princessS trip advisor

“love it!!!!and got to try it!!”

we are big fans of sushi!!! we tried kiko and it is one of the best places for sushi! the maki melts in your mouth and u can feel the freshness of the fish and everything.....we tried most of the makis...super delicious and our favorite was Mango Tango ...ohh what a gtreat is very clean and great service and great atmosphere.....definitely we will be back when u are in Ottawa. cheers!!!

Feb 24, 2013 Maki S trip advisor

Kiko Sushi Bar has become one of my favorite places to bring friends for sushi. It is the first place I recommend. The decor is relaxing and welcoming, a large open space with high ceilings and clean lines. The staff is very friendly and polite. The menu is vast and won't disappoint. Their sushi is delish and beautifully presented.

My favorite thing to enjoy are the Bento boxes. A complete meal on a tray including soup, salad, sushi, tempura, chicken, beef or noodles, and fresh, crisp fruit for dessert.

There is a wonderful deal on Bento Boxes for Lunch. Usually a $40 value, the lunch cost is under $15.

I am never disappointed and can't wait to return

Feb 21, 2013 Norma D Yelp

I can't remember the last time I walked out of a restaurant because of the lousy service. After 90 minutes the waitress/kitchen managed to get us one round of drinks and some edamame, but nothing else from our order. When asked politely when our food would arrive, she disappeared again, so we threw money on the table to cover our beer/beans and we left to find another restaurant capable of feeding us. We won't be back.

Feb 17, 2013 Drew Urbanspoon

I go out of my way for kiko's it is unique and refreshing.

Feb 5, 2013 Noemie McCook-Muller Urbanspoon

“Fabulous fresh sushi”

If you love sushi, or even just like it, this is the restaurant for you! The sushi, and various varieties of sushi, are made with the freshest of ingredients and served beautifully. The prices are higher than the "all you can eat" type of sushi restaurants, but the food is well worth it. The only problem is that you want to keep eating because it is so delicious. The best way to control this is to order a few dishes, then a few more etc. Leave room for a little dessert too!

Jan 24, 2013 Bytown trip advisor

Release the Kraken (at Kiko Sushi Bar)

At dinner Saturday night at Kiko Sushi Bar on Preston Street, the visual showstopper was the large and tentacled fellow at right.

I was dining early with friends and family before another outing, eating very much off-duty and therefore not really paying attention to what others were ordering. So I was especially surprised when the so-called kraken special roll ($20) that a buddy had asked for touched down beside me.

more.... (see full article)

Jan 7, 2013 Peter Hum Ottawa Citizen Blog

Sushi and wine snobs, take note! Kiko has fresh fish and $15 per bottle corkage

The restaurant itself is spacious and modern. We were there on a Wednesday night and had the place to ourselves. The super fresh sushimi was the star of our meal. The two rolls (Cherry Blossom and Kiko Special) where good but nothing to write home about. If you care about wine, skip the uninspired wine list and bring your own.

Kiko is on my short list of restaurants to return to for a high quality casual meal. The tab for three was $100 plus tip and including corkage for two bottles

Nov 30, 2012 Katie D Yelp

This is really amazing, fresh and original sushi combinations. Great when you are tired of getting the same thing at sushi all the time! The house special rolls are incredible.

Nov 15, 2012 Marla75 urbanspoon

Authentic Japanese

If you are looking for a real Japanese restaurant in Ottawa, this is the place. It is NOT all-you-can-eat nor is it fusion. It is authentc and tasty Japanese food at reasonable prices served in a clean and tastfully decorated restaurant.

Oct 6, 2012 Felsztyn tripadvisor

Excellent for lunch - high end food at VERY reasonable

I have been to Kiko on a number of occasions for dinner but never for lunch. What a find! The Bento boxes were packed with great tasting dishes. At $11-$13, it was incredible value for the money. The tempura was perfectly done, the sushi fresh (as was the wasabi, a small detail that can make a huge difference), gyoza was very flavorful and the noodles perfectly cooked and seasoned. I plan on going back tomorrow. The green tea was better than usual. They infuse it with brown rice to give it a richer flavor, yum. The staff was friendly and the owner even came by our table to check on things. Great service, impeccably clean atmosphere and attention to detail always add to the experience. Log out of Trip Advisor, power down and go! :)

Oct 5, 2012 Kevin G tripadvisor

best sushi restaurant in Ottawa

This restaurant is located on Preston St. in little italy in Ottawa. The food is exquisite. I especially enjoy the tuna tataki every time I go. Their special rolls are to die for especially the cherry blossom. The service is very professional and the restaurant is clean and inviting. Some rolls run a little expensive but they are worth it.

Sept 27, 2012 danielle m tripadvisor

My daughter and I, both sushi affecionadas loved what we had at Kiko's. We went just before 9pm on a Friday and the place was half-full; the setting is trendy, maybe not cosy enough,but I admit there are two sections, one of which we did not look at. We both had had bad all-you-can-eat sushi lately and did not want a repeat. My saba sushi (the mackerel was well cut, looked very elegant, the rice was subtly seasoned (the way I prefer it) with just the right amount of stickiness.The piece was the perfect size for a mouthful.

The agedashi tofu came with a dust of batter, piping hot in the very tasty broth; I took the non-spicy one. The tofu was maybe not as fresh as it could have been. The inari sushi was very good and with black sesame added to the rice, the tofu pouch was maybe a little too sweet for my taste but overall everything was very well done, presented and quickly eaten. My daughter had a perfect California roll without the fish eggs.She thought it was one of the better ones. We both have been spoiled over the years by my son who is a really good sushi chef out west.

Although we did not have much variety, the quality made it that much more enjoyable. No hesitation to go back, soon!

Note: it's not easy finfdng a parking space around the neighbourhood at that time on the w/e.

Sept 26, 2012 Francine C. yelp

Great Place - Nice Staff

It is a very stylish looking restaurant with great sushi lunch deals and friendly staff. The specialty rolls are great too. Hai!

Sept 12, 2012 TravelCyborg tripadvisor

Some of the best sushi I've eaten

The long weekend was wonderful with a Montgolfière flight saturday morning and some extraordinary meat meals like chinese fondue and delicious pork ribs. We needed a change from meat and remembered our nice experience at Kiko and decided to indulge. We had the "boat dinner for two" a meal for two served in a wooden boat, preceeded by miso soup, a special japanese salad and two prepared oysters. Two glasses of mango juice accompanied our meal. Most of the boat consist of fresh raw fish that is delicious... some of the pieces seemingly melting in the mouth. It was a great dinner.

Sept 4, 2012 Louis L tripadvisor

Best Sushi in Ottawa

We went to Kiko and were amaze by the food and good service. Most of the staff were Asian, but to our surprise Vietnamese but not Japanese. Food was excellent tasty and very fresh.

Sept 3, 2012 Eloi_Duguay tripadvisor

Having lived in Vancouver, I had a hard time finding good fresh Japanese food in Ottawa. Kiko is by far the best. Staff is always friendly and fish is always fresh. We always get the Alaskan roll and mango crepes for dessert. They will validate parking which is great because finding parking on Preston can be an issue.

July 30, 2012 J.B yelp

Definitely the best sushi I've had in Ottawa

We have been here many times for lunch and dinner. The sushi is definitely the best we've had in Ottawa and it is always expertly prepared. Although it is a little pricier than some other sushi places for dinner, you definitely get what you pay for at Kiko's. The quality is consistently excellent.

The best 'bang-for-your-buck' would have to be the lunch time menu. Hands down one of the best meals I've had in Ottawa for the pricepoint.

Outside of the sushi, make sure you try the gyoza and tempura. Both are mouthwatering and we have ordered them on virtually every visit to Kiko.

July 22, 2012 MML urbanspoon

Stayed open to serve us on a hot summer night

We were very hot and needed to get something to eat at about 9:30 on a Saturday night. We did not want pub food and were on Preston Street. By the time we decided on Kiko it was almost 10:00 - there closing time. They were very nice to serve us. We ordered the pre-set meals (both under 30.00) and they were fresh and delicious with a nice variety of complimentary dishes. The patio was comfortable and the beer was cold. Nice night!

July 16, 2012 Goplacesfromhere tripadvisor

Bento boxes are magical

Their bento boxes (having tried all of the four options except one) are consistently delicious and incorporate high quality ingredients prepared with style and care. Excellent service -- although be prepared for a long wait during busy Friday lunches -- combined with tasteful decor round out this restaurant as among my favourite sushi destinations in the city.

July 2, 2012 Jabber Wock urbanspoon

Kiko Sushi is a sit-down sushi restaurant located in the heart of Ottawa's Little Italy. I had heard good things about the place and decided to try it out. They have patio seating for those beautiful summer night. The restaurant itself had great design. The decor was was hip, minimalist and chill, with shaded lighting and beautiful bamboo decorations. The restaurant offers enough vegetarian and vegan options that one could eat there comfortably.

The lunch menu is very reasonable, with meals as low as 11$. I visited Kiko for dinner. I ordered my good ole Chirachi and my guest had a salmon teriyaki bento box. The meals included soup or salad. The meals were more expensive then similar dishes ordered at Festival Japan or Sushi 88, but the quality and meal presentation were excellent. The fishes were all excellent! They didn't serve any oilfish, which is nice.

The service staff were quick, courteous and efficient. The drink menu was extensive and offered all sort of cocktails, sakes and drinks. They also offer deserts including great tea ice cream, tempura ice cream, fruit and crepes. Next time I go back I want to try their tempura ice cream.

Overall I look forward to returning to Kiko. If you can afford spending 25-30$ a head before drinks and taxes, then come here and come here often!

June 12, 2012 Steph K Yelp

Surprisingly tasty and unforgettable.

While I was travelling tttawa, I had a take out for dinner. I never heard of this restaurant before, I was just passing by, went inside and ordered sashimi sushi combo. And short after few bites, I realized how lucky I was. I had a big smile on my face because It tasted so good and delightful. and i couldn't believe that i paid only 30 bucks for that. It was one of my trip's unforgettable moment. Thanks, Kiko.

May 24, 2012 dadboss Trip Advisor

Ordered the Kyoto Dinner for takeout. 30$ for 25 assorted sushi items. Decent and enough for 2, if not a tad expensive.

Fish is extremely fresh and there are lots of options to choose from. Everything looked delicious, and their salmon is especially good. If you take your time to look through the menu you can definitely have a moderate-priced meal, or go all out and spend $$$.

A downside would be that it's hard to figure out how much you get for your money. A lot of the combos just describe the type of sushi and not the amount of rolls or pieces. If you're there in person I'd definitely ask lots of questions.

We tried one of the salads, the sweet vinegar one, and it's not really my thing, but it was still a decent portion and freshly made.

All in all: seems like a fairly reliable place to go for sushi, at a price that's more reasonable than what you tend to find downtown.

Can I just say, also, their hybrid Rapture rolls look and sound amazing!

April 30, 2012 Gabby F. Yelp

Great Place!

What a gem. Great sushi. And the best sushi pizza we've ever had. Very nice service too from all the staff.

April 7, 2012 BruceRags Trip Advisor

Awesome lunch and quality sushi

Love the bento boxes they have at lunch. Really good quality and nice assortment of choices for a good price at lunch. Dinners are a bit more expensive, but the quality of the sushi is very good and the decor of the restaurant is among the best for all sushi restaurants in Ottawa.

April 4, 2012 Pierce Roberts urbanspoon

Excellent food. Excellent Service. The Miso soup was hot and perfectly balanced with salty notes and perfectly cubed tofu. The tempura was crispy and served with a garlic based sauce (which I thought could have been sweeter for my taste). Pumpkin was a welcome addition to the usual shrimp and sweet potatoe; teasers. I did not order off the menu aside from these two dishes. I requested that the chef make the appropriate selections to give me a culinary orgasm. He succeeded! He started me off with the Tuna Tataki that is featured in the photo gallery of their website. This dish is an acquired taste as the sauce has a bit of kick with an unusual sour-ginger flavour and the daikon adds a crunchy texture that complimented the semi-seared tuna; foreplay. My next dish was white salmon wrapped in seaweed with a sauce and roe on top of rice, and tuna sashimi cut thick and appropriately portioned. The ginger is pleasantly sweet and the wasabi potent! As it should be!; sensual. My final dish was a Lotus Blossom...ORGASMIC!!! Cucumber embraced a combination of salmon, crab, roe, and avocado! A hint of sweetness, this dish was the perfect palette cleanser to finish my wonderfully successive meal!

March 27, 2012 IJGoddard Google Maps

Food mediocre, poor, well over-priced...

We were there on the patio: It took long for our order to come. The special dinner (B) steak teriyaki comes with the snow shrimps that are so tiny - the size of a medium worm. It's priced at 27.00. I was wondering why the chef used that size of shrimps because shrimps are so cheap nowadays....I would be happier if I was charged 3 bucks extra for better quality shrimps. The steak was so thinly sliced. The salad that comes with the dinner has no japanese taste of sauce but a sauce similar to ranch. The 2 breaded oysters were so browny over-cooked that they were hard like dried dog poo. The 3 dumplings were from frozen food from T&T . The rolls that we ordered that evening were not properly rolled that fall apart when picked up: we complained and the charge on the rolls was dropped but we did not expect that: we just want the restaurant to do quality rather that than using very poor quality food like those tiny shrimps. A message to the owner: don't compromise on quality.

March 21, 2012 eatout101 Trip Advisor

After 3 years living in Tokyo, I don't really expect authentic sushi in Ottawa...just enjoy what's on offer. Kiko's is the most satisfying sushi I've had in Ottawa. Try the crunch&munch roll!

January 28, 2012 Coco Google Maps

Best sushi and food

All of their meals and drinks are great! The bathrooms, kkitchen and dining area is super clean.

January 22, 2012 PerfectStrawberry Trip Advisor

Great food, great service and great atmosphere!

January 2, 2012 jqnarch Google Maps

Hands down my favorite sushi restaurant in Ottawa. I don't go all you can eat and go to actual restaurants for sushi everytime. Staff is really nice and lots of pretty waitress ;) sushi selection is great, sake is amazing and all the ther stuff on the menu is super tasty

December 21, 2011 Lausy Urbanspoon

Have been to Kiko 20+ times now. Have yet to have a bad experience. Always the freshest sashimi and yummy maki. Save room for the mango crepe for dessert

December 2, 2011 Absolute B Yelp

Our favourite Sushi Bar in Eastern Ontario

We keep returning to Kiko Sushi and recommend that most of friends who like Sushi try Kiko.. Everything is fresh and generous...large slices of mango and avocado....not all rice like all you can eat places....try the is very different and so good....all the special rolls are big and delicious...they have great drinks..the plum based martini is really good...and the organic sakes will make you a sake lover...the owners are nice and remember you if you return a few times so if feels really comfortable...decorated well for a sushi can sit outside on a nice day in the summer...and if you too much you walk to Dow's Lake to work it off...

November 20, 2011 Diane78 Trip Advisor

My fav Japanese restaurant in Ottawa so far.

November 19, 2011 Sophia urbanspoon


You want frsh sushi straight from Japan? This is eat. Freshness all the way from authenmtic japanese men. I love to eat their specials all the time and ginger and green wasabi is FREE and if you are nice they bring you free orange (authentic japan)

November 3 2011 Harut urbanspoon

Delicious Sushi in a Lovely Modern Japanese Setting

On a number of visits we have always enjoyed a most delicious sushi feast in a very sophisticated atmosphere. The fish is fresh & served most attractively by professional staff. It is reasonably priced for the high quality of food they serve. We have enjoyed sushi from Japan to Canada & find that Kiko offers excellent sushi in a fine modern Japanese tradition.

October 31, 2011 Chanterelley Trip Advisor

Excellent food. We tried Kiko's Special Rolls Rapture (shrimp tempura/avocado wrapped in salmon and tuna) and Black Dragon (smoked salmon/cream cheese wrapped in salmon skin). Rapture was the better of the two because of the generous amount of furnishings in the roll. Expect to pay > $10 for a good lunch but the freshness and taste of the food are well worth it. This place is worth repeat visits.

October 26, 2011 Jebbe99 Restaurant Thing

Very pleasant restaurant -- good sushi, great menu,excellent service

This restaurant, simply and tastefully designed to reflect japanese culture, has very good food to be chosen from an extensive menu and offers very good value.

August 11, 2011 Ottawans Trip Advisor

Quality Sushi in a Happening Area

I was one of the first customers to Kiko back when it opened. The service and quality Andy and his team provide is quite good. They are accomodating and the sushi is inventive.

Try it for yourself!

June 12, 2011 Better IS Better urbanspoon

unauthentic Japanese food, poor service

Food is mediocre. Sushi selection was fresh but sushi rice was very unauthentic in flavour. Tempura was fried in old oil and left a greasy after feel. Overpriced for the quality of food served. The miso soup tasted flat (can't go wrong with miso soup given how simple it is). Forget about the service. When asked about a couple of dishes, responses were uninterested and server was uninformed. (question: what vegetables are in the vegetable tempura? answer: a bunch of different vegetables. Question: such as? answer: all pieces are different followed by eyes rolling even though smile was on the face.)

June 16, 2011 clementinlilypon urbanspoon

Food was fresh, portions were plentiful, and service was great. They have a great menu selection, with most reasonable prices, and the atmosphere was enjoyable. I would most definitely go back there again.

May 13, 2011 MD Google

The food is excellent. We had the lunch box special & loved it. We had a coupon that did not apply in our first visit so we went back today & ordered a la cart, wonderful. I can't wait to go back, I'm going again tomorrow. I want to try everything on the menu. The Brother & Sister team have hit a home run. I was in Japan last year & the food was good but at Kiko's you get the whole deal, traditional dress, decor and the food presentation is exceptional. I spoke with the Sister today & she is sweet & gracious. I'm happy to have such a wonderful place to take my friends to. It is warm, inviting and delicious. I have one word & it is OUTSTANDING

May 2, 2011 littleone Google

I had dinner at Kiko's (again) on Friday. I really like this restaurant ... the ambience especially. The service is good (really good this past Friday) and the food is good (although not spectacular).

We ordered several of the same items as last time but also a few new ones:

  • agedashi tofu (tasty, I could have eaten more although as you will see, we ordered plenty)
  • bbq sama (it was okay but I've had better elsewhere)
  • wakame (seaweed) salad (can't go wrong with this one)
  • chicken karage (just as succulent as last time)
  • dynamite roll
  • salmon skin roll
  • futo maki roll
  • yasai maki roll
  • house special roll
  • Overall the food was good. In both taste and presentation, the maki rolls were lacking in sum'tin sum'tin but still tasty.

May 2, 2011 BigMouth Ottawa Foodies

Excellent sushi, perfect rice, good presentation.

Had the chirashi sushi (deconstructed nigiri) and the very unique Kraken roll (BBQ squid with unagi and avocado). The latter dish, although a bit pricey, is one of the most creative dishes I've had.

And bonus - Asahi on a glass bottle.

Highly recommended.

April 3, 2011 Storage Food Pages

Had dinner at Kiko's last weekend. It was an enjoyable experience.

The service was good although I did have to ask for a water refill.

The food was fairly quick to come although in somewhat of a strange order. We had:

  • chicken kara-age (marinated deep-friend chicken accompanied by a green salad): very tasty, they use chicken breast and it was quite moist
  • wakame salad (seaweed and cucumbers)
  • salmon skin maki roll
  • futo maki roll
  • dynamite roll

There was ample food (complimentary miso soup as well) for the two of us. It was all tasty and quite reasonably priced.

The only thing I did not enjoy was their virgin caesar drink, but I will know for next time.

March 17, 2011 BigMouth Ottawa Foodies

If you love sushi pleeeeeze get out and support this place!! There is no other sushi restaurant that I have found in Ottawa that has fresher fish, or a more creative sushi menu. After years of living in Vancouver where I mindlessly sucked back sushi, not appreciating how GOOD it was, I moved to Ottawa and after swearing I would NEVER eat sushi in this town again, I found Kiko. The decor I find quite beautiful with very clean lines and a urban zen feel. But the decor alone would not have brought me back again and again. The sushi is quite simply, exquisite! Regardless if you are ordering a simple tuna maki roll, or one of the more intricate creations, the rice is perfect, the fish is fresh and the shrimp gyoza are unbelievable! Miso soup? YUMMY! Agedashi Tofu? MORE PLEASE! The only down side is that it is a little on the expensive side, but...good fish doesn't come cheap, and life's too short to eat bad sushi!.

March 4, 2011 Sheila B. Yelp

A "Go-To" Place!

I have been going to Kiko semi-regularly as I have never had a bad meal here. The tempura is delicious as are the donburis. Their spinach with tahini sauce is wonderful. This is a welcome < addition to the scene. Service is friendly as well, and prices reasonable.

February 14, 2011 Bruce Urbanspoon

Yummy sushi, and the best appetizer ever! If you haven't given the beef Tataki app a try you definitely should. We've been back 3 times now in the past 4 months, and every visit is enjoyable, the servers are very nice, the prices are pretty reasonable, and the sushi is definitely tasty!

February 7, 2011 Compiling Google Maps

Stumbled on this place in the summer & lunched on the patio. Have returned twice to eat in the attractive minimalist-decorated dining room with guests who also rave about the sushi and the tempura with its light but crisp batter. An added bonus - reasonable prices.

January 25, 2011 MA Restaurant Thing

Eating here with my bf was a treat - the service was a little slow but that made room for a little privacy for our evening. The atmosphere was stylish yet laidback.

Before going on to the food, I must interject with a disclaimer that I am a sushi junkie, which does make my opinion biased, but I am also quite picky as far as quality goes.

We had a great miso soup to start: tofu and cloud ear bits gave it that little je ne sais quoi.

Next, we shared a sashimi dinner (18 pcs, chefs choice) which included atlantic salmon, pacific salmon, red tuna, white tuna, snapper, real butterfish... the fish was fresh and sweet, the presentation was tasteful classic japanese.

We also had: an alaskan maki roll - crab, salmon, avocado, masago and mayo, each ingredient was in perfect proportion to the others; a spicy salmon roll - a little too spicy for me because it did drown out the delicate salmon somewhat (although I do like spicey foods).

Lastly, we had a Cherry Blossom roll. This was fantastic; a salmon and avocado roll wrapped in Hawaiian red tuna laid out in a circular petal arrangement and servied with seaweed salad and tobiko sitting in the centre. This roll will forevermore haunt my dreams! I have never eaten anything quite like it before.

We shared a deepfried mango icecream for dessert which was delectible, but I won't order again simply because of price and the fact that there are so many more delcious things to eat there.

That having been said, you do pay for the exceptional quality of the food - our bill was close to $80 with tip, in the end. I think it was well worth it though.

I recommend this restaurant for sushi lovers, and to those trying sushi for the first time to get a real taste of what it should be like.

I will be visiting on a regular (but infrequent, because of price) basis.

January 21, 2011 kitchenwitch Ottawa Foodies

Absolutely no negatives at all.

I took my wife here today for her birthday. It was our first visit but will not be our last. What did we find? Modern, stylish decor, charming staff who paid attention and smiled, absolutely wonderful sushi -- as fresh and immaginative as I have had in many places closer to the sea than Ottawa, and an altogether satisfying dining experience. I could not fault it on any count and we left very pleased with our choice. It does not happen every time but it was nice that it happened for my wife's birthday.

January 20, 2011 denbury Trip Advisor

This year's top tastes - The Citizen’s restaurant critic recalls her favourite dishes of 2010.


Kiko Sushi Bar opened in late 2009, in the new Preston Square Building. The big-flavoured roll-up called Cherry Blossom (featuring raw salmon and ripe avocado draped with sheets of albacore tuna, topped with crunchy tobiki on a dark bed of chewy wakame) was so rewarding that I ordered another round.

December 30, 2010 Anne Desbrisay Ottawa Citizen

Ottawa top 10 of 2010

Ottawa Editor Jennifer Hughes looks back at her 10 favourite stories of 2010 (it's been a sweet year).

  1. Tempting toppings spotting: ZaZaZa Pizza (May)
  2. Chic intimates spotting: Lilac Lingerie (September)
  3. Foodie favourite spotting: Taylor's Genuine Food & Wine Bar (June)
  4. Hip style spotting: Urban Outfitters (November)
  5. Fresh Japanese spotting: Kiko Sushi Bar (May)
  6. Hot new eatery spotting: Town (July)
  7. Indie style spotting: Flock Boutique (September)
  8. Elegant dėcor spotting: Beige (July)
  9. Sweet treat spotting: The Flour Shoppe (June)
  10. Scents of Provence spotting: L'Occitane (July)
December 28, 2010 Ottawa Editor Jennifer Hughes Sweetspot

Sushi isn't bad...not great either. I found the place overpriced for what you get and the sushi was very average. Better than some places in Ottawa, but definitely not the best. Service could also use improvement.

December 20, 2010 theperculator Google Maps

Had dinner at Kiko last week. It was my first time and I was definitely impressed by the size and decor of the resto.

The service was slow, but okay.

We left it to the server to decide our menu given my new dietary restrictions. We got the seaweed salad (a must), scallop steamed with egg and other ingredients (I would pass on this next time), Cali roll (fine), Mango Tango (good), Crunch and Munch (tasty).

Overall I was pleased with the meal. It hit the spot but nothing spectacular. I would definitely return though.

December 17, 2010 BigMouth Ottawa Foodies

New place on Preston. Nice interior. Attentive staff. Very spacious, (mostly empty) but also good for those who don't like lots of tables crammed together.

Ordered one of those funky hybrid rolls (Kamikaze, I think) the kind that has the usual roll stuff on the inside plus some crunchy tempura flakes and something else rolled around the outside -- tuna maybe?

Very good. So good we ordered a second similar roll with smoked eel. Nice, each of these was about 8 bucks. Also ordered another small tuna roll (about 4 bucks). Not remarkable but the fish was fresh.

I was there with a 2/1 facebook coupon. I think most of the other diners had one too (by most, I mean the other 8 people in the restaurant.) Not sure the place is going to last long unless it can hold on until the summer patio season, in which case it has a prime location and lay-out.

One bonus is that they offer free parking in the new garage under the building after 5:30. A great benefit given how crappy Preston Street parking is in the evenings.

Try it, but you'd better hurry.

November 24, 2010 Laura D Yelp

Nice ambiance. Good food. Iffy service.

Thanks to a web coupon promotion, we made our first visit to Kiko for lunch the other day. Decor and ambiance were good -- the place is sleek and modern with some more traditional Japanese flourishes. Food was generally well done, but the spicy agedashi tofu was disappointing, as the batter was neither light nor crispy. Odd, considering the veggie tempura meal we ate next was excellent. Sushis and makis were also excellent, if pricy. Our server was forgetful -- it took a couple of reminders to get the refills on tea and water that we ordered, and we never received the miso soup that comes with the tempura dish. Overall though a good experience, I'd go again

November 16, 2010 pcwsmith Urbanspoon

i had dinner at kiko recently, it was my first time eating in, previously i have just gotten take out.

it was a week night and the restaurant was very quiet. the staff were very friendly. i shared an order of tempura appetizer, it came with a few shrimp, yam and a melon tempura, all of it was great (though i didn't have the shrimp). i found the dipping sauce a bit boring, but still better than average.

for my main i had the vegetable roll combo - 18 pieces, this included avocado rolls, cucumber rolls and yasai maki. the yasai maki were the best. it came with a starter of miso soup or salad, i had the salad and the japanese dressing was delicious.

with a glass of wine and a 20% tip, my portion was $30. more than i normally spend on a week night out, but i was happy with the food, happy with the service and found the restaurant one of the most attractive sushi places i have been in. i would definitely recommend this place if you want to come to preston for a night out.

September 23, 2010 hipfunkyfun Ottawa Foodies

Went here for lunch on a weekday.

Pretty extensive menu, I was impressed by that. The place is decorated quite nice. Our servers were polite and friendly, but they were a bit inattentive and didn't come around to refill our tea - one star off for that.

Depending on what you order lunch could either be moderately priced or quite expensive. I had an order of goma-ae and an avocado roll and it was $10. Given the area and what I usually pay for lunch at a nice sit-down restaurant, that seems about average.

They do have a variety of veggie rolls, which is nice. Choices actually go beyond your run-of-the-mill avocado roll and kappa maki. They also have a variety of noodle dishes.

September 23, 2010 Carrie T Yelp

delicious kiko

spicy salmon om nom nom tuna belly yum!

I would eat here ev'ry day if I was paid more

your sushi is so yummy but slightly pricy

September 23, 2010 Pam Ottawa Foodies


Visiting Kiko is like stepping inside a dream. Your maitre d' is wearing sunglasses in a softly lit room. A white sculpture wall swirls up to your left, sparking lights swing above. A bamboo fence separates the dining room into two spaces, one draped with a crisp crimson kimono, the other open to the bar, which is adorned simply with a basket of fresh mangoes. Most of the food is out of a dream too. Wild salmon sashimi nestled against a mound of angel-haired daikon. A pile of panko-crusted vegetable: slender asparagus, a whole hot mushroom, a sickle of acorn squash, and delicate onion rings. Skewers of tender yakitori chicken basted with sweet tare are ambrosial with a bottle of ice-cold Kirin Ichiban for sipping. Poached spinach leaves sit in a pool of light, lemony soy sauce. Spicy agedashi tofu and a bowl of grilled chicken with egg and onion are comforting but plain, bringing you back down to earth. But the "freestyle rolls" are named by a flight of fantasy - Crunch and Munch, Sakura Spider, Rapture Roll - and all are fresh and well-balanced. The Kracken roll is an epic sonnet: a whole stuffed squid, sliced into rings, purple tentacles proffered alongside the body. After all this, tempura-fried ice cream and crepes stuffed with mango and strawberries seem a tad boring, but both are well prepared. To drink, order Asahi (dry Japanese beer) or share a bottle of silky chilled sake. The servers are equipped with an excellent sense of humour and a love for the menu, although they sometimes forget to bring out this or that. A small suggestion: invest in fancier shopsticks. It seems a crime to use such common utensils here. Wheelchair accessible. Lunch MOnday to Saturday (11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.), dinner Monday to Saturday (5 p.m. to 11 p.m.) Sunday (4:30 p.m. to 10:30p.m.). Appetizers $1.95-$11.95, sushi/sashimi $4.95 and up, rolls/mains $4.95-$19.95. 349B Preston St., 613-695-3143,

September edition, 2010 Ottawa magazine

Excellent service, great presentation and fresh! I'd recommend to anyone.

September 11, 2010 OttawaFoodAddict Urbanspoon

Excellent sushi bar. Sushi was wonderful, buttery and fresh. Good variety on the menu. I had the sushi boat for 2 and some various vegetarian rolls. The restauraunt actually had Toro! A bit pricey, but definitely worth it.

September 7, 2010 Fuzzycat Urbanspoon

AMAZING! 11 out of 10!‎‎

THEY TRULY LOVE WHAT THEY DO!! We called Kiko to cater a party we were having. I called a few of what I consider to be the best sushi restaurants in town. Of the "Higher-end" Sushi restaurants...Not only were they the best priced, they offered the best variety, and OUTSTANDING service!! The presentation of the platters was incredible. It warranted the "oohs and aahs" it received when served. I would call them for any event I was hosting in the future. The restaurant is beautiful, and we were treated like royalty from the moment we were greeted at the door! One of my favorite restaurants EVER! A roller coaster ride for all of your senses!! Forever grateful for your amazing service and food I will not soon forget! My party of 15 gave it 30 thumbs up...way up!! THANK YOU!

Aug 12, 2010 Michael Google Maps

Consistently Good

I eat here quite often for lunch and dinner. Everyone I've brought here has always enjoyed it. The staff is always pleasant and courteous. Their sashimi is my favorite, always fresh and of good quality. Bento boxes for lunch are a great variety, and give a little bit of everything. My new favorite place to eat on Preston. Prices are perhaps a bit higher than other sushi restaurants, but not off the chart, in my opinion. Quality is better than the all-you-can-eat places by far. Sometimes the service is a little slower than I'd like. Still, worth waiting for as I really enjoy their sushi.

July 27, 2010 Peelmaster Google Maps

A couple of weeks ago, I made my first visit to Kiko Sushi Bar. This is a great little spot, uncannily nestled in Little Italy.

The sushi and salads were fresh and tasty, and the pickles (some blue and purple!) were an unusual yet pleasant accompaniment to our meal. I tried cucumber, avocado, daikon and mushroom rolls, plus a seaweed salad and the house pickles. Not only was the quality apparent, but each dish was artfully presented. Plus, I should mention we had a very attentive server who happily answered my slew of food questions!

I was especially impressed when I found out they keep gluten-free soy sauce on stock, just for folks like us! Yey! Now, you donI't have to feel like a nerd when you pull a bottle of your own soy sauce out of your bag! :) But, be sure to stay away from the tempura, as it does contain some wheat flour.

Enjoy with some cold sake on a hot day!

June 26, 2010 Dino Gluten Free Ghetto

Italian Festival and a Japanese restaurant? That probably seems similar to "1+2=2" to quite a few people.

Ya, I walked by it and quickly stopped as it clicked that the restaurant was Japanese in an Italian section. I quickly made a "U-Turn" and walked into the store to discover it was of high class, almost similar to the one I been into in Slovakia, Bratislava. This one also had a nice water fountain at the entrance and a nice uh...staff that greet you. You don't see that often, or I don't.

The exact word for the type of staff eludes me at the moment. After skimming the menu I had the a nice Salmon sushi and a very beautifully made Yaki udon. The interior of the place was welcoming and perfectly decorated. The music? It also helped keep me in the restaurant haha. The type of chill out instrumental music (not traditional tunes) was pleasant to the ears. The staff were extremely polite and very helpful, I like that!

(I want more! This [Yaki Udon] tasted so damn good that I think I shall be back for more ^^.)

For the staff's politeness I wished I would of remembered the art of tipping. I'm used to just going in and buying at exact change which made me forgot about the whole tipping deal. Can someone in Ottawa tip extra for me and reference them to this article? I feel so bad for not tipping the most polite of restaurant staff. I'll tip more on the next visit at a later date...

This is exactly why I have a Fox as a blog mascot...

June 20, 2010 Artic Kitsune Artic Kitsune's Blog

Great service and great food

I've been to Kiko twice now, for lunch and dinner, and the food has been absolutely delicious! The waitresses were great and the service, especially last time, was very fast. The atmosphere is simple, modern and nice. Highly recommended!

June 13, 2010 Bill Google Maps

Love, love, love it!

I'm a pretty big fan of sushi in general and have a few favorite spots in Ottawa (I know...A few? In Ottawa? Who knew?) Kiko is the new top of the list! The Sashimi and Makis are the best by far we (my wife and myself) have found in Ottawa. Super Fresh and so tasty! The starters menu is huge and we have tried so much and never been disappointed. Try the garlic butter clams/spring rolls/hotate bacon...Heck, try anything...We've yet to find a miss!

Service and decor are excellent in our experience. For the reviewer who had a not so great experience I would certainly suggest you call and ask to speak with the owner (Andy). We have spoken with him many times and he has been nothing but professional! It's worth a second try and I would be willing to bet he would want to make it up to you for the bad time you had at your last attempt...

I give this place a huge GO! I'm not suggesting that bad experiences can't happen here (although I've yet to see one) I am however suggesting that they can AND do happen everywhere. No excuse for the bad times, just hope that others go and try and share the same great experiences I've had!

: )

June 13, 2010 PCWedding Trip Advisor

This place is a gem to find. Tucked in between Heart and Crown and Starbucks, is one of Ottawa's best sushi restaurants. I have been a couple of times and the food has been GREAT. The house kiko roll is a great combo roll to try out, and every time the sushi has been amazing.

The only thing that is holding this place back is the service, while the Girls here really try hard I think there is a little bit of a language barrier holding them back. We haven't always gotten everything we ordered, but it doesn't ruin the meal.

If your a Sushi lover you need to go try this place out!!

May 20, 2010 Neil Doody urbanspoon

Turning Japanese.A hip new sushi bar graces the revamped Preston Street strip.

We usually hit Little Italy to satisfy our carb cravings. But we entered the moody, Zen-like ambience of the stylishly appointed new Kiko Sushi Bar for lunch instead. We were met with a lengthy menu of sushi, sashimi, noodles, teriyaki, vegetable rolls, desserts and more. The only thing we didn't like? Having to choose.

Our Bento Box Lunch special ($13) included a little bit of everything - sashimi, tempura, teriyaki, fruit, miso soup and rice. Also sampled was the eye-poppingly generous Chirashi ($20), which featured assorted raw fish on a bed of seasoned sushi rice. Mango crepes ($7) were a sweet ending to a sweet experience.

Next time we'll sit on the sunny patio, not missing those carbs one bit.

May 18, 2010 Sweetspot

I work nearby and was super pleased when this finally opened for a little variety on Preston. I get take-out often from here and have eaten lunch in several times. The service is pleasant, if a bit slow. I usually order from the main menu at lunch as I find the a la carte stuff way more delicious than the bento boxes. I'm obsessed with their ebi gyozas! Shrimp and pork wrapped dumplings, lightly fried and served with a very delicate dipping sauce. Yum! I stick to mostly maki rolls which have overall been delicious. One thing I have noticed though is the heavy handedness with which they use avocado in the maki. Anyone else notice this? Would absolutely recommend though.

April 28, 2010 Jane Dodgson Ottawa Foodies

Had been in search of a new sushi restaurant, and had heard of this place. It's in the same block as the Heart & Crown on Preston. Cool, relaxed atmosphere, comfortable seating, very pleasant service. Miso soup tasty, beef tataki appetizers excellent. Of the rolls, the spicy salmon and tuna were perfect, and the rapture roll was outstanding. Favourite was the mango paradise. I would definitely go here again, and would highly recommend it.

April 28, 2010 Redd Restaurant Thing

kiko now has their patio open on preston street. it is a decent size. once the afternoon hits, it gets full sun, so they have a large awning to shade the diners. a great place to eat and people watch. plus, they are still serving great sushi.

April 27, 2010 hipfunkyfun Ottawa Foodies

Place is full of nice people as well. Nice and clean too. I've come back 4-5 times.

April 24, 2010 Tristan C Dine

Located among some of Preston Street's newest digs, Kiko feels not unlike a contemporary art gallery, with its massive woodblock print reproductions on the walls. Pieces of bamboo create a dividing wall between the dining spaces, and a long, sleek bar begs for diners to sample some of the best sushi Ottawa has to offer. The price point here is surprisingly good considering the upscale vibe, with filling mains starting at just under $9. [ Entire Article ]

April 15, 2010 Colleen Johnson Ottawa XPress

Il n'est pas si difficile d'être le meilleur bar à sushis de la région: la compétition n'est pas forte. En qülqüs mois, Kiko Sushi Bar a déjà mérité la palme, même s'il est le plus récent à ouvrir ses portes. ... [ article complet ]

April 9, 2010 Cote Jury Le Droit

Good selection of types of sushi rolls, and more seafood variety than the average sushi place. One of our orders was mixed up, but the scallop roll, yam roll, and others were tasty when we did recieve them. The atmosphere is great - will bring friends.

March 24, 2010 relish Ottawa Foodies

After waiting for an hour, I was told, they were "too busy" to fill my takeout order. Amateur show here...and people leaving were complaing about the food and wait. I'f never go back...

March 19, 2010 FlannyT Trip Advisor

Ive been too many sushi restaurants in Ottawa, but theres no one comparable to Kiko sushi. The foods is really good, im a big fan of sushi and i went to many restaurants to try and this one is comparable to Montreal sushi restaurants. The only thing is the price is a bit over charge for what it cost. The decoration is simple and modern, very nice. Staffs are very nice, but the only thing is for a saturday nite, they suppose to have at least 1 chef and 2 sushimans to serve clients.....service pretty slow. It was a full house and we have to wait for the food come out. They should run the business faster for having other customers coming in & out often.

March 3, 2010 Aromatico [Montreal] Foodpages

I had lunch at the Kiko Sushi Bar, and had Teriyaki Steak. It was the best I ever had; it was tender and tasty. For dessert I had Mango Crepe which was delicious. The service was good. The staff was very friendly and the facility was very clean and attractive.

February 24, 2010 Warren Ottawa Restaurant Guide

we got take out from here last night. the price seemed fairly reasonable for 3 people. they forgot one of our orders, i have no idea if they charged us for it because i ordered it, but didn't pick it up and they didn't give us an itemized bill to bring home.

anyway we had the squid sashami, eel sushi, spicy salmon roll, avocado roll, yam roll, yasai maki and yam tempura. it was $46 with tax.

i just had the veg ones and they were really good. the squid wasn't a big hit, but it was just not what was expected, nothing was wrong with the fish. i can't comment on the freshness of the salmon or eel since i didn't try it myself.

i will definitely order from here again.

i do have to say, the person on the phone seemed a little surprised i was ordering for take-out. we had a printed take-out menu from them, plus their menu is online.

February 19, 2010 hipfunkyfun Ottawa Foodies

Scrumptious sushi and much, much more

Kiko Sushi Bar on Preston Street a cut above

In addition to being truthful, I figure it's also in my best interest to speak highly of this place. In giving Kiko a thumbs-up, as I'm about to do, I have hope it will start to bustle. ... [ Entire Article ]

February 11, 2010 Anne Desbrisay Ottawa Citizen

I have been twice for lunch - the interior is beautiful, service is great, sashimi is fresh and yummy! This will be a popular spot for the people working at Preston Square (Adobe, Sun Life, gov of Ontario etc). I'd really like to see them offer takeout bento boxes, as most of the time I can't spare an hour for lunch. ([ed] If you request it they will let you take it out)

February 6, 2010 Pam Ottawa Foodies

I have been dining at Kiko Sushi Bar ever since they opened. I love the Sushi - actually I love everything I've had on the Menu and I just keep coming back! Even though I wasn't a Sushi or Japanese food lover before, but with such good food, great service and the staff treating me so nice, I just don't feel like going any where else.

January 29, 2010 Nimmie [Ottawa] email

Very good sushi, very good price, artistic presentation!

Kiko does a very good job providing good food and a pleasant atmosphere. The attention to detail and presentation, whether you're eating in or taking out, is impressive. The decor is minimalist and modern, but comfortable, mostly in dark tones with some large bamboo plants that cordon off a section with larger group tables.

We went as a party of five on a (relatively un-busy) Thursday night. Consequently we got friendly and attentive service from not only a server but the manager/co-owner. We started off with an assortment of nigiri and a few tempura baskets. Tempura was hot, crispy, and generous- nice big basket of large prawns and another one of assorted veggies and prawns. If I were to be picky I'd say the veggie pieces should be a bit smaller, but really quite good nonetheless.

Fish was very fresh, nicely cut and proportioned. Hamachi was as good as it gets, maguro also very nice. The Toro (tuna belly) was a bit chewy, my impression was that this was supposed to be a real melt-in-your mouth variety so perhaps it was not truly in season. The ginger was very nice and fresh, not old and wilted. A BBQ beef short-rib appetizer was also tasty. A few people had salads, which I didn't taste but looked awfully well presented.

Kiko's "freestyle rolls" are the real standout. Very innovative choices and very nicely prepared. We had a spider roll (which I'm normally not crazy about but really enjoyed), a "Delicious" roll, which incorporated scallop, crab, bits of mango, black tobiko and a tangy mustard sauce on the tob, and a roll whose name I forget which had tempura shrimp inside, salmon and red tuna on top, and both spicy sauce and wasabi sauce (yes you read that right).

We couldn't resist a mango crepe for dessert and it was an honest-to-God delight, wonderfully done, light and tasty and perfectly browned, with fresh fruit and whipped cream. For five hungry and very satisfied people (no booze), the bill with tax was a hair over $30 per person. To me that is excellent value for money.

** I have also had takeout from Kiko and while most of it was very good, the spicy tuna roll was a bit heavy on the mayo in the spicy sauce. Hopefully they will note this and adjust the balance a bit.

January 25, 2010 literofcola Restaurant Thing


We had the oppurtunity to try Kiko's sushi bar this week end and it was fabulous!! The atmosphere was very warm and inviting, it smelled delicious when you walked in the door. The food was fabulous, and the service was exceptional!! I am still dreaming about it lol! I took a to-go menu on the way out and have been drooling over it ever since, and planning our next trip. It is very centrally located especially for the canal and winterlude coming up. I would highly reccommend it!!

January 25, 2010 KirOttawa Trip Advisor


I stopped in the other evening to grab some takeout for dinner. I could not have been more impressed! The owner was especially friendly, the food was impeccably prepared and the presentation was incredible. I ordered the conbination he had recommended and it was perfect. Super, super fresh ingredients and really nice atmosphere. I will be back every business trip to Ottawa!?

January 22, 2010 lauramather Google Maps

We ate dinner at Kiko on Friday night. We've been waiting for this place to open for nearly a year now! The vegetable tempura was great and the sushi was good too; nice and fresh. No liquor licence yet though. ([ed] Liquor licence received Jan 30, 2010)

January 10, 2010 urbanroutir Ottawa Foodies

After trying many of the sushi places in Ottawa, I was starting to feel that I would much rather stay home and make my own, but then a friend asked me to dine at Ottawa's newest Japanese restaurant - Kiko Sushi Bar. I was very impressed. The freestyle rolls were amazing! They were the best I've ever tasted. Need I say more.

January 2010 Ken Review Blue

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